Univerus Routing Solves Your High Density Routing Problems

A High Density Routing Solution

Powered by advanced technology

Univerus Routing has been built using cutting-edge technology, solving High Density Routing problems across many applications including, Waste, Recycling, (Green Waste), Snow Plowing, Street Sweeping, and Meter Reading.

Our software can be purchased as a license, allowing you to either create your own routes or utilize the expertise of the Univerus Routing team to create the routes for you.

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Univerus Routing will create completely customized routes based on your specific requirements. This includes, using your own street data and the unique parameters of your fleet and workforce. You can set priorities and even customize the paths driven. Univerus Routing will then calculate the fine details that go into creating real and balanced routes that mimic reality in the field.

Robust Reporting

Univerus Routing offers a wide range of reports and maps that can be customized to get the information you need to manage your operations efficiently. Additionally, our platform produces a Route Analysis Report for comparing your existing routes to new optimized routes – making it easy to calculate how long it will take to recover your investment.

Unlock efficiency with Univerus Routing software

  • Maximize the productivity of each vehicle, even if they have different operating characteristics.
  • Simplify route planning.
  • Specify the maximum and minimum number of hours and capacity desired for each vehicle.
  • Balance your service days and districts.
  • Specify the general area of vehicle before route creation.
  • Customize computer generated route configurations to meet your needs, or optimize your existing routes.
  • Find optimal locations for new facilities.
  • Avoid complex maneuvers such as U-turns by specifying cul-de-sac turn rules, etc.
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Univerus Routing gives you:

  • Color driver and management maps and street-by-street, minute-by-minute driving direction reports.
  • Statistical and profitability reports so you know how each route contributes to the bottom line.
  • Customer change of service day lists and reports for change notification letters.
  • Ad hoc mapping and analysis functions.
  • An open data standard for easy integration with your customer information and accounting systems.
  • A pathway for integrating route information with your corporate intranet.
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Univerus Routing can optimize your routes

Getting started with route optimization projects is labor-intensive and time-consuming and on-going maintenance of the optimized routes requires trained staff dedicated to keep your customer service and billing systems in-sync with routing. Univerus Routing technology has a multitude of time-saving functions such as the Automatic Route Updater which is why many organizations choose to outsource their routing to Univerus Routing Services. Univerus Routing Services provides all of your routing needs within a fixed budget with no hidden fees.

We thrive on economies of scale. With Univerus Routing Services, we can drastically reduce the cost of implementation by using our dedicated routing experts, secure database and network administration. The result is typically a lower cost of implementation for customers. More importantly, it will be an implementation without surprises… on time and within budget.

Or clients may use Univerus Routing Services to get started and then transition to in-house route management. Univerus Routing Services provides incentives for this transition by decreasing the additional cost of installing the technologies in-house.

Residential Routing and Neighborhood Collection Routes

Residential routing requires a vehicle to make a stop at most addresses on a street no matter if you seek to plan solid waste, recycling, or yard waste routes. The challenges are to reduce deadheading of the vehicle and to minimize fragmentation of the routes (keeping the routes logically contained inside of neighborhoods). Univerus Routing has the unique ability to develop “Neighborhood Routes,” which keep the route areas confined to geographic and community boundaries, improve safety by keeping routes contained and not spanning across major highways. “Path Routes” are then created by Univerus Routing to optimize the travel path. The results of this two stage routing process are routes that require less modification after being field-tested.

Commercial (Point-to-Point) Collection Routing

Commercial routing requires stops at addresses that are dispersed across an area. Univerus Routing develops routes that not only optimize the path to the customer, but also chooses the optimal points in the routes to dump, chooses the closest to a dump, and minimizes the distance traveled to the disposal site.

Districting and Neighborhood Routes

Univerus Routing’s unique "Neighborhood Routing" capability is also applied to establishing collection districts and may be used for establishing "Area Routes", which do not define a travel path for the drivers. Area Routes are often used when complete street or customer data is not available or is cost-prohibitive to develop.

Contact us and we will work with you to understand your exact needs. We will then provide you with a quote for initial routing and on-going route maintenance.

Once the street and customer databases are ready, you will receive draft routes within weeks. Tweaking and modifying the routes to finalize them depends upon your needs and the type and number of routes.

Sometimes, yes. Each routing situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We have dedicated routing experts with extensive knowledge of the software and waste/recycling vehicle routing. We have some of the world’s leading GIS experts to troubleshoot problems. Our technology infrastructure is established for handling the synchronization with customer service and billing systems. Routing is all we do!

When considering the cost of the software, training, and the inevitable need for consulting services to assist your staff up the learning curve, outsourcing to Univerus Routing Services is usually less expensive and under a fixed budget. If your organization has GIS staff and numerous or extensive routing projects, it may be less expensive and aligned with your organizational strategy to buy the software and do it yourself.

Univerus Routing’s automated and timesaving functions make it viable for us to offer Univerus Routing as an outsourced service and will make maintaining your in-house routing projects easier.

It is not uncommon for residential collection services to be based on an area and not a list of actual customers being serviced. Route optimization can still be performed. You have two choices: (1) develop routes based on population estimates, or (2) develop a customer database. Because a customer database helps improve customer service, developing a customer database is likely the preferable solution. We will assist you in developing a customer database by conducting an audit and/or acquiring an existing database from a utility or marketing company.


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