In-Vehicle Visual and Audible Route Navigation with Univerus Routing Navi

What is Univerus Routing Navi?

Univerus Routing Navi brings accurate navigation of pre-planned routes into the vehicle so the driver can easily follow the route path on a conveniently located, low cost tablet. Among other things, the driver will be able to see the route on a map, a list of upcoming stops, what and how far they are from the next driving maneuver, and how much of the route is complete and left to do!


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What Else can Univerus Routing Navi do?

  • Document Pre and Post Trip inspections.
  • Allow Driver input for exceptions using customized drop down lists and simple “Finger Tap” Commands.
  • Set up Univerus Routing Navi to have different language options.
  • Load ALL of your routes into every device in the fleet so that any vehicle can drive any route and/or pick up a route at any point.
  • Easy operation with little or no driver interaction so that they can pay attention to the road.

Univerus Routing Navi Software Is Unique

Univerus Routing Navi was designed because there was no other program that could provide high density route navigation easily, and on an inexpensive device. With Univerus Routing Navi, you can navigate on unpublished roads such as alleys and paths. With standard commercial navigation devices, you are limited to the roads that are on maps that come with the device.

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Professional Navigation with Traffic

With WebFleet Solutions professional navigation, drivers can travel from one customer to the next safely, reliably and arrive in the quickest possible time. Our unique technologies have been shown to save drivers up to 18% in terms of time per journey. We consider them to be an important first step towards efficient fleet management. Request a call back or read on to find out more about our professional navigation solutions.

WebFleet Solutions HD Traffic is the best live traffic information service available according to a report by independent testing agency, TÜV SÜD. Updates can be as regular as every two minutes, and are based on the real-time movement of vehicles on the roads as well as official traffic reports.

Fleet Management with Vehicle Tracking

WebFleet Solutions provides the tools to promote safe and efficient driving with real-time driver behavior feedback.

Empower your drivers to adopt a better driving style and encourage self-management. Real-time alerts appear on the screen to indicate driving events and fuel-related concerns. These remind the driver to adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

WebFleet Solutions’ vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions system delivers real-time location, speed, mileage and fuel consumption data for each vehicle in your fleet. This means improving the efficiency of your business and also identifying opportunities for savings.

Powerful Reporting

Use the real-time information in our WORKsmart™ fleet management solution to manage costs, boost productivity and deliver better services while your fleet is on the road. It’s everything you need to stay in control.

Thanks to the extensive data it collects, you can use our WebFleet Solutions fleet management application to generate reports about the performance of your fleet, quickly and easily. You can generate trip reports, working hours reports, mileage reports and many more, whenever you want them – be it daily, monthly or to an agreed schedule. And the format is flexible too; you can download reports or receive them via email as a PDF, or generate a CSV file that you can use for your own analysis.

You've gone through a route optimization process with Univerus Routing software, but now you want to implement the routes out on the street. Univerus Routing Navi is the only solution to get the exact path for all your high density routing needs on a GPS device.

Yes! Univerus Routing Navi can allow you to track your vehicles on a “Real Time” basis.


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