Leader in the route optimization technology field

Univerus Routing has been a leader in the route optimization technology field ever since its inception in January of 2000. Initially focused on the waste industry, our patented solutions have grown to make us an established, and respected leader across a multitude of industries.

We provide businesses a means to optimize routes for a single vehicle or an entire fleet of mobile workers. These routes can be planned for tomorrow or even months into the future; saving companies thousands of dollars per year not only fleet operating expenses but in administrative and other operational areas as well.

Headquartered in Port Moody, BC with offices in Ontario, USA, New Zealand and Australia, Univerus Routing provides expert consulting services, including route optimization assistance, territory planning, and cost analysis.

Our Mission

We view ourselves as a Customer Service company, rather than a software company.

We feel that it is important to understand the needs of our clients and bring create the correct Route Optimization solution for their specific Route Planning needs and support them along the way.

Our Products

Our products offer a solution for any size and type of business or government entity looking for a route planning and scheduling optimization tool. Univerus Routing offers a high-density routing solution that is ideally suited for applications such as the Waste Industry, Snow Plowing and Removal, Street Sweeping and Meter Reading. Univerus Routing, is an easy to use, web based, point-to-point Route Optimization solution that fits all types of routing scenarios.

Many of our client choose not to purchase the software but rather have our team of Univerus Routing experts create the routes based on their specifications and parameters.


What our clients say

The service Univerus Routing gave us in routing our over 13, 000 customers turned out very well and we are very satisfied. Thank you for the excellent service on such a short notice. We plan on using this service again soon.

Dan Mathias, General Manager

Allen County Refuse

It was very positive experience. The last few items you provided for the city council, were the icing on the cake. Thank you.

Jose F. Martinez, Public Works Director

City of Goldsboro, North Carolina

I find Univerus Routing extremely useful. It's a fast way to review and re-engineer routes.

Joshua F. Burnett, General Manager

Royal Refuse

The logistics of food rescue can be very challenging. Univerus Routing has helped Starbucks FoodShare identify more efficient routes for our food rescue drivers so that we can donate more food every night

Jane Maley, Food Strategy



Any business with workers in the field

Automotive and Marine

Cleaning and Janitorial

Commercial Waste

Computer, Electronics and Communications

Delivery and Collection

Emergency Management

Home Improvement and Construction

HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical

Installation Maintenance and Restoration


Medical Supply and Services

Meter Reading

Pest Control

Pool and Spa Service

Sales Forces and Territories

Security and Inspection

Snow Plowing

Street Sweeping

Waste / Recycling